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JeTech Inc. is proud to announce its new Partnership with Inkjet Technology, Inc. - ITI, based in Fort Worth, TX, USA.

Inkjet Technology a manufacturer and provider of industrial class printers that has access to a wide variety of technologies and serves the textile and graphic arts markets.

ITI has a large factory in the Far East that does the pre-assembly.  Final assembly, configuration, and tests are done in the US.

ITI is managed by highly experienced executives with years of managing and running similar companies of wide format printers manufacturers.

All parts, ink, and service is local in the US and provided by ITI from Fort Worth, TX and through our Atlanta based Warehouse.

Contact us at 

Inkjet Technology , Inc. - ITI.

ITI2512UVR Specs

4'x8' Flatbed

ITI3200TXK Specs

Kyocera Based Textile 3.2M R2R

ITI2000TXR Specs


2M Textile Transfer Paper R2R

ITI Videos

ITI3220UVR Specs

Large Flatbed

ITI3200UVR Specs


ITI3200TXR Specs

Ricoh G5 based

3.2M Textile R2R

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