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NoeCha Srl.

JeTech Inc. is proud to announce its new Partnership with NoeCha Srl, based in Bergamo, Italy. NoeCha Srl is a fast growing company, with outstanding performance and capabilities to become a dominant force in the industry. As we strive constantly to add value to our clients' businesses, we look always for the next big thing, and we believe that NoeCha Srl' NoeCha1 is the next big thing. Combining excellent quality, high productivity and low operational cost, NoeCha1 is the right machine to grow your business, and stay ahead of your competitors. Today the features and the design of NoeCha1 make it the perfect printer for the graphic arts market, and the POS/POP display sector, but also for particular industrial applications. Among its great features, you can find the following: UV-LED cool curing technology, Kyocera Printheads 3 pl  grayscale with  2,656 nozzles and 600dpi native resolution. the NoeCha1 is always upgradable from 1 printhead to 5 printheads per color at any time in the future, 4 process colors CMYK + 4 optional (white, violet, green, orange or varnish), 3.2m (10.5') x 2m (6.5') Fixed vacuum table with few zones and registration pins allowing any type of rigid material up to 4.9 inch thickness, accuracy of movement of the print engine up to 3μm, fully automated feeder and stacker system, and more.  For more information, click here or watch the videos to get a closer look.

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